First Production Meetings
Brian Gorman, Tony Davidson, Nigel Carr - 12 December 2022

12 December 2022

After an initial  meeting between Nigel and Tony earlier in December, the team first met together on the 12th. Brian Gorman (writer), Nigel Carr (producer) and Tony Davidson (producer).

It was at this meeting that Brian came up with the name Tin Orb as a decent moniker for the production company behind the play. We agreed that Nigel and Tony would head the new production company and that we would start looking for suitable venues.

Brian already had a Director in mind but we were yet to meet him.

Why Nigel & Tony?

The three already knew each other through the Manchester music industry. They had also met at various performances of New Dawn Fades going back to 2015.

Read Nigel’s review from 2015! Read Nigel’s review from 2015! 

Tony famously ran TJM records in the late ‘70s as well as the legendary TJM studios where Buzzcocks, Slaughter & The Dogs and of course Joy Division rehearsed. Tony funded the 12” version of the band’s first EP, An Ideal for Living as well as signing other artists to his label. Without TJM many of these bands would have struggled to be heard. Tony played a pivotal role in many bands’ development. His influence in the development of the Manchester music scene can not be overstated.

In 2021 Tony launched his book, featuring archive photographs by Kevin Cummins and others, charting his involvement with all of the bands and artists at TJM. The event took place at The Stoller Hall in Manchester with an interview/chat with Tony, Mike Sweeney, Peter Hook and John Robb. Nigel produced the slide show, video and graphics that accompanied the launch.

Nigel Carr is Co-owner and Editor at Louder Than War, the online music magazine set up by John Robb in 2010. Since 2015 Nigel, apart from looking after interviews, features and premieres, has developed the business side of Louder Than War as well as being responsible for hosting and site development through his company Carousel Projects Digital Ltd. Nigel brings his considerable business experience to the project.


Brian Gorman is an accomplished actor, writer and comedian. He has written many graphic novels including Borderliners and of course New Dawn Fades. His One Man Bond show played to sold out audiences around the U.K. He was even asked to perform it at Pinewood Studios.

After 7 successful productions of New Dawn Fades Brian brought the production to Nigel and Tony with an eye to expanding its future reach.

2023 will be the first production under the new team. 2024 and beyond beckon!


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